Friday, November 10, 2006

Spirit Animals

Something has to be said about Michael Jordan. I haven't looked at a role model in some time but Michael is just fucking amazing.
What can be said? He got game. And that may be all that needs saying, except that few people have ever propelled a sport into the imaginations of a whole generation around the world, dominating it like no other ever has or has done since.
6 championship rings, 6 time finals MVP, 5 times league MVP and 10 times scoring titles. He could fucking dunk from the free throw line and exhibited a perfect combination of athleticism, genetics and discipline.
A man who retired for lack of inspiration to better himself.
Air Jordan is still the highest selling shoe, the number 23 is the most significant basketball sporting accessory. That being said back in primary school there were two singlets to have come summertime: 23 if you thought you were truly great, 32 (for shaq) if you thought you were truly large.
I think basketball is a street sport of totems. I AI you see most often on the courts, the tru warrior, the little engine that could. Probably followed by T-mac or KB8. I picked up Wade's initially but was dissatisfied, he just didn't represent who I was as a player. Making the switch to 15 Vinsanity opened me up more in my confidence, my penchant for injury and my natural showmanship. I mean Ben Wallace would probably better represent my low scoring, defensive playing style and willingness to play on dudes that can look at the top of my head and eat two more meals a day than I do.
Anyway Jordan, we salute you.
Jesus Christ Monkeyballs


morley said...

I reckon you'd have to say Tiger Woods is at least on par with Jordan for dominating his sport and capturing the public imagination. If not more so. And Roger Federer is certainly the equal of those two for dominating his sport although excitement wise he's like masturbating with a wet sponge.

mr_john said...

yeah, but golf and tennis are much gayer than basketball...