Sunday, November 26, 2006

Liddle Facts

My taste buds have just about regrown. But this has taken longer than it should have did you know:

'Liddle fact #238: The tongue is the fastest healing part of the body.' when I read '#238' I was impressed with Spring Valley. I was more impressed when Amrish verified this fact 'yeah the tongue doesn't get scar tissue' so these facts were infact factual and numbered. Presumably even if I had by freakish circumstance managed to pick the last fact I could buy the juice everyday of the year and the odds of me getting the same fact twice were low.
Anyway if the fact was indeed factual it seems #238 is more like #5. I've gotten this fact two or three times now. That's with 4 purchases in 2 months. If I was stranded on a lifeboat in the middle of the pacific ocean with no reading material but lids off my survival juice I would just jump overboard. That or try and psychically predict the 'fact of the day'
If I had writing material I vow now I would try to single handedly recreate Wikipedia, fuck diaries encyclopedias are where it's at.

Anyway on any given day I have or don't have the sense of taste. See once or twice a week I eat something straight out of the oven, microwave or pizza box and burn my fucking tastebuds off. I do it a lot. Since my post breakup miraculous recovery of sense of smell I've noticed my sense of taste coming back which are apparently intimately linked. As in mucassy tubes, what could be more intimate.

Anyhoo taste is important because more than anything else it determines style. I have to say I've gotten to a point where I can tell the difference between various schools of hip hop. I can tell good from bad by means that aren't my being able to judge the 'white music' they have sampled from various eras.

My favorites are:
1. A Tribe Called Quest
2. De La Soul
3. Nas

A mini spectrum of socially conscious to Gangsta. But sewiously my lack of sense of smell blinded me (what a fucken awful sentance) to something to emerge in my lifespan to a phenomena. Hip-Hop. It's fucking phenomenal. The players the evolution the works. You gotta check it out get yo'self schooled.
I remember sitting next to these fags on a train once talking about radio head, I looked at this dude and felt how black people must feel when they read this blog post - 'what a fag.' but seriously I can on some rudementary level now tell brilliance in hip hop from a total hack like I can when I compare say fucking cliched amatuers like Jet to artists of Genuine artistic integrity like FNM or Soundgarden.
Hip Hop is something else, it's storytelling, it's poetry, it's very super subtle pushing of brain buttons. It's playing with words like no one else does Tribe and De La are phenomonally good at it but you know I timidly and shamefully offer my opinion as in reality I don't know shit, working on it.

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caitlin's human form said...

liddle fact number 7896754: frl = festival of folk rythem and life.