Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Democratic Process

7 years under bracks has made the state election as exciting (possibly even less so) than the local council elections. Here's how it went down: water not enough of it, want more of it. education never enough let's invest in highschools. gay marriage noone mentioned but the greens and the brethrens.
So I almost forgot to vote but fortuitously was trying to buy gifts for Miki's birthday and wlked past the melbourne town hall.
Every polling station has 4 absentee people and 10 for the local seat. I would be surprised if anywhere in the student populated suburbs have more local voting than absentee voting. Anyway I got to stand with my fellow people who get a say as to who is in charge. Yeah I was standing with the retard family. When there asking about how to fill out the vote at the voting table but only consulting eachother you know their five votes are going to ensure your one vote doesn't get lost in the crowd.
Fucking morons. I don't endourse elitist points of view. If you are going to vote you may aswell force everyone to and have it preferential. But too much of the campaign goes into policies that are never understood to hold face with political commentators that write articles for newspapers that aren't read except for the producers of sunrise and today who then can dumb it down for the brief newscast before the news the masses really want to hear, the traffic report.
So I had no fucking idea what was going on this election since One Piece is back with a new series . So democracy I mean it's something, but its gotten fundamentally conservative it seems in most of the developed world.
It's okay I guess but I must point out that democratic nations such as australia have been the big contributers to climate change and nuclear armements the first real things to ever introduce the possibility of wiping out life on the earth.
And in Australia and America, gays can't get married, minorities are still repressed and underrepresented and class division is going.
So stick it up your fucking arsehole.

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