Monday, July 03, 2006

WoW sucks

Usher released a song called 'confession' basically about what an irresponsible arsehole he was. And it was a hit, a big annoying hit and the ladies they love it. Well here's my confession: I've played World of Warcraft. I reached a point where I had given up on my love life and where does someone with no sexual prospects turn? World of Warcraft.
I bought it in time exactly for my assesment-exam period at Uni which was a dumb idea. I actually flirted with the idea of accepting money to track people down and remind them to you know shit, eat, sleep that sort of thing.
Relatively speaking my affair with WoW was short lived, it is addictive to be sure when I bought my copy the guy at the store said 'World of Warcraft is evil' and offered to just sell me smack but I said ignorantly that 'I could handle it'.
I didn't handle it very well I even started using loser lingo such as 'omw' and 'lfg' but never stooped so low as to use 'lol' and that was my first salvation. I didn't like other world of warcraft players. At all. I fucken hated them they were my antithesis. 16 year olds with voluntary combovers who recite monty python sketches and say fucking lol at me.
Yet WoW forces you to interact socially, it's no adventure game you gotta cooperate with douches and they can even fuck you over and stuff.
So as addicted as I was to advancing my troll and the sense of pride and joy and empowerment that bought with it I hated doing it. I would try and solo everything I could wasting valuable hours and 'gold & silver' in the high cost of armour repair.
But ultimately what 'cured' me was all role playing games greatest double criticism - double because it can be levelled at so many peoples real lives aswell.
Role playing games, that is games where the aim is to advance your avatar up levels so they become more powerful and better equipped is just as satisfying as real life. That is the sense of accomplishment you get from completing a quest is exactly the same as winning a race or doing a good project at work. Except they come thicker and faster.
There's no 'loser' option in RPG's and especially world of warcraft. A form of interaction so impersonal allows for self expression and there is no option but to get better stronger and more reputable.
But neither mindlessly advancing in a computer game or my career has much appeal to me so one day I just gave up playing it. I'm proud to say it wasn't when my account expired I just looked at the mindless goals I'd set myself and wasn't into it. I'd rather practice ball, write tv scripts all this shit.
If you know someone who's into WoW in a bad way don't abandon them, they probably need help. Give them a level like '32' in 'RL' (real life) to try and lure them away from the keyboard so they start exercising and trying to gain experience to reach level '33' together we can heal the world.
Also keep in mind that less than 1% of the worlds population owns a computer so while people are toiling in fields and struggling in subsistence economies you are realising the dream of development which is what? playing a fantasy game that is an alternative to achievement in real life.

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