Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hey I'm No Hero

He's not a hero! He's just Steve. Steve is my mate, on the train and he is worthy of my highest praises. Steve can come across as a little scary, he's missing part of one finger, has a broken nose, food stains on his jumper, wears ACDC and The Rock T-Shirts and is loud and persistent.
I met him on the train, he came up to talk to me about my bike. Crazy people often talk to me, I don't know if it's because of my long hair or the crazy glint in my eye but people can interrupt me whilst I'm listening to music through headphones, eating a subway sandwich and reading a magazine which generally says 'I am not interested in conversation' Steve was one such person to interrupt me on the train in the morning whilst I was enthusiastically writing scenes for a TV show idea.
Except Steve isn't crazy at all, he loves his mum, would never cheat on his girlfriend and likes to tell jokes and say g'day to random people on the train.
I was immeadiately touched by Steve's requesting permission to sit with me, to which I said it was fine, even though I really just wanted to write and listen to music.
Steve proceeded to tell me his 'big secret' he made me swear never to tell anyone which I did, as to this day I still have no idea what he whispered to me because I had left one of my ipod earphones in.
Steve became a regular and we always liked to chat, he gives me rare insights into what is happening in Brunswick and allows me to connect to a world that too many are cushioned from. He is honestly the most loving guy and I do feel protected by him. Because I look like such a fag most of the occa people who get off the train take an immeadiately couragous dislike to me. I have repressed my sociopathic tendancies so I never miss the train to start a fight that would probably be purely to my detriment but when I ride with Steve I never get bothered and that is pretty fucking sweet.
Too often there is a wonderful service I can do which is just listening to people. Sure Steve slurs alot, has trouble getting food in his mouth when he talks and eats at the same time and sometimes drifts off to sleep mid sentance. His jokes often don't go anywhere and I find it hard to keep up conversations about cars and 80's shows about cars either of which I know nothing.
But sometimes like today it is something you really can do some good over. Aparantly the owner of one of Brunswicks 2nd hand stores and a good mate of Steve's had his throat slashed open one night and Steve was really going to miss him.
It was really beautiful and sad.
Steve I would guess has had plenty of run ins with the cops, with gangs and bruisers, but he has a strong sense of values that easily transform him into teacher.
Still it's an odd pair we make on the train, he thinks I'm beautiful and at the same time wants me to go to the RSL club to see Rodney Rude for $44. Maybe I should.

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