Friday, July 14, 2006

Wholesome Muffins

I figure I need about 2 weeks to just fucking sleep. Maybe even nap through a whole month. I saw a depressing add by commonwealth that depicted a teenager splounging in bed and the caption 'future workaholic' how the fuck? I used to be that lazy. I used to sleep in till fucking 8 every day, sure I missed out on a whole bevy of cartoons but I can live with that.
Yesterday I cycled for an hour or so around all the hoods that get my skin crawling, you know Toorak, St Kilda, Prahran were cool people go for good times. I cycled for hours because I was trying to get to my friends place and was using a conceptual map in my head of where I thought the place should be rather than a map that indicated where it is. I'd actually been looking forward to the bike ride for the few days I had notice of the shindig so I didn't mind.
But eventually in the home of company cars, and asian drivers a cyclist will get on edge. Chapel street was the one part of the journey I didn't see a single other rider whereas my side of the train tracks I now have to share the tiny 'special people' area with 5 cyclists any day of the week. It's like being in china or some shit.
I mean there's other places that get to me like Canturbury and pretty much all of Sydney (though I haven't seen much) in the same way, and the people I was visiting are pretty cool, like at least a 6.
But I'm a pyker it's what I fuckin do and by the time I got there not only did I feel like someone had stepped on my grave already but I'd managed to turn up after I had intended on leaving. So I stuck around and then unfortunately had to ungracefully cut and run whereas I'm more into dissapearing like Batman in commisioner gordon's office.
The joke is I got home and wasted another 2 hours of my life playing the sidemost scrolling action of stinkoman. I admit it has all those elements of early megaman games plus engrish galore so I was easily sucked in.
But it caused me to wake up late today, I also enjoyed the rain before I knew it I had to desperately rush into town to let the gang know basketball was cancelled which as far as I'm concerned means I may as well not have been alive this week.
Which brings me in the longest sense to what my blog is about, my recent descent into wholesomeness.
Now all my fucking life I've been regarded as a black fucken sheep. A bad influence, a touchy recruit. A reputation I don't think I deserve in the slightest, caffeine (via coke) is the only drug I do (my consumption of cola is well below most males my age the nutritionist tells me) and did start drinking post VCE exams for a highly unsuccessful 2 year drinking career and have since stopped again.
I'll take the black sheep reputation because I believe it makes me more appealing to the ladies but what causes me the most difficulty about it is explaining to friends and colleagues that I don't really like to party, when someone says 'I bet you're the first to pass out tonight' and the sheer unbrideled bewilderment and dissapointment on their face when I say 'I don't really drink' and when people assume I get all my creative ideas from smoking and injecting various drugs, I just can't back it up. I don't even know what they are meant to be like.
So generally I pike because I ain't drinking and don't want to witness the ugliness.
In year 12 I got real good at being sober around drunk people and you know could even interact with some degree of success.
But I was overly concerned when I realised most of my friends don't drink, and don't really speak english I got into a conscious effort to catch up with my old mates and was doing so. I realised I fucking love catching up one on one for dinner or something that's great. But a lot have been like 'yeah we gotta catch up for beers' and the whole thing just falls apart.
It put's me in mind of my marketing lecturer that pointed out what a massive problem drinking is in Australia. It has to be our major social failing. Non drinkers have to explain and apologise for not drinking. Companies market premix drinks to underage kids in underage magazines.
So why have I become so uncool, so fucking wholesome. I never wanted to be. Fuck I don't even get why you would drink. I really don't I've never enjoyed it even in my heyday back when I could tell you how many standard drinks you could get for any dollar amount.
So yeah, I guess for most people it provides a context for socialising and it's been called a social lubricant for many a year. anyhoo though I actually have concluded I am more at ease with basketball or cycling or just fucking food as the context in which I socialise. I'll still make token appearances. Maybe even more than that if there's cake or muslims.
Now I'm going to bake some bran muffins.
I'm proud of who I am, it's like I'm gay or something.

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