Monday, July 17, 2006

Ten Canoes

If you love the Australian bush, you should see ten canoes. Tonight as I was out on a hot date watching ten canoes I thought how beautifully they captured the ominous nature of the outback, the bush. There is nothing like straying from the path in the wilderness and turning around in the deathly quiet of the bush and finding everything around you chaotic and peaceful.
In practicing deep ecology one notices there is far more life teaming in a square patch of bush than there is in a city block. Yet amongst all this action and life force interacting with eachother is enough peace to meditate on fundamentals. Enough peace until you catch an ant crawling up your leg hole or a mosquito* buzzing in your ear.
There is something enchanting and terrifying about the Australian landscape. Something the Jindabyne previews and ten canoes captures. Furthermore it makes the lifestyle of the indigenous all the more exciting and appealing even though their most prestigious consumer good is honey and you can talk about women or wallabies. Furthermore there is an obvious reason to see ten canoes, it is aboriginal culture freely expressed once we can accept the rich cultural traditions of their oral histories we can start having a real national identity, we can have rocks as exciting to visit as the Vatican, more so if we really learnt and appreciated the histories and origins of Australia.
Furthermore in accepting it it means we can progress towards expressions that aren't a commercialisation of culture but are inspired and progressive too, that is an indegenous artist can have as much right to push the boundaries as a maggot white one.
So see it, there's also plenty of talk of turds, pricks and fart jokes it's good.

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