Thursday, July 20, 2006

V is for Victory

A small thing today, but a potential great step forward in Maoist of Maoism. I love my new manager. I wanted to try something new and show some fucking initiative aswell as a little faith in a near discarded employee. I thought this will either get me recognized as an inovator and natural leader or getting me fired for being a seditious upstart.
I've been teaching Carole how to complain. I couldn't believe how long it took me to listen to her complaint that nobody listens to her and listen to her. So I came up with a framework that forced confrontational complaints into a consequential assertion model. We just sat and started with a bitch or a gripe and ended up fleshing it out into a proposal and then afterwards presenting it to our manager in a sit down scenario.
Just doing simple things like removing generalisations and taking ownership of the problem made it flow easily, and instead of upset and the overused accusations of sexism Carole was actually laughing and by the end of the session I didn't have to say anything the dialogue was firing between my new manager and her.
It saddened me that in my interview for the position I have they had written Carole off, someone who complains is more valuable than someone who suffers silently, fundamentally too she has a good work ethic which younger people given opportunities (myself included) don't have. She's an untapped resource.
Hopefully two successes from the first two swings at it too. My manager to his upmost credit did all the right things, clarified, empathised, came up with an answer and checked that Carole was happy.
Which makes me happy.
Of course I'm still bored out of my fucking mind at work but should be entirely redundant in about two or three months, hopefully by then Carole will have the new habits and enough confidence to run the bitch sessions without me, my manager will be encouriging the other team members to do likewise, continuos improvement will be achieved and I can ride off into the sunset, like some kind of cowboy.

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