Thursday, July 13, 2006

My God

I wasn't going to blog tonight I swear, I was even kind of on a roll writing scripts. I hit a log jam though and needed to look something up on the net and then I decided I needed to add a link to Sally's blog on my blog so I went out of my way to look it up again and do that, that done I went to check that the link came up okay and worked (incidentally I haven't been sleeping with a lot more people lately it's just more people I've slept with have started blogging).
Anyway I opened it up and was immeadiately confronted with the graphicness of my blog below and thought I have to write something to get it moving offscreen. What was I thinking? then and now.
Anyway I don't really have anything to write. I bought a bolognese pizza that was pretty tasty. I been watching One Piece again in the mornings it's cool. I tried to fit a headlight to my bike. I picked out some toejam today. I almost have made myself completely redundant at work.
Ran into a dude I hadn't seen for three years. That was pretty cool. We chatted, no strong association but you know it wasn't too awkward.
Anyway that's that. Hopefully now you have to scroll down to see the graphic graphicness of my adolescent drawings. If you really want to know how amatuer we were click on this link. I used some of this guys compositions as inspiration for my year 12 folio even though my works looked nothing like that. I was an artist by the way go figure.
I should feature more of my inspirations of the visual arts persuasion.

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