Sunday, July 02, 2006

Industries that should not exist 2

PR, let's take it back to first principles. Companies have public relations departments because they want to be viewed or percieved in the best possible light. Of course if PR's activities are legitimate they would merely be presenting the case as it appears to anyone who scrutinizes the companies activity to any reasonable level.
That anyone should be best represented by the media who represent the public interest in holding companies, governments and individuals to account. So for PR to be necessary the companies are admitting that they can't trust the press to portray them fairly.
If the media was doing it's fucking job and reporting the facts like it was taught to us in pre-school it did then companies wouldn't stand to gain by PR except to save the media time by publishing their internal report findings. Which isn't good to anyone because you can only ever find yourself guilty.
So why listen to the PR department at all? the sad thing is that question is too ofen answered by the media corporations PR department.
Go fucking figure.

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