Sunday, July 16, 2006

Tom goes to Hell

How does hell even work? So I die and go to hell, where Satan tortures me for all eternity. So what? Really, I can't even concieve of what it would be like to live to 50 let alone eternity. And you know what is torture. If I was to be tickled till I vomit every day it would wear thin as torture at some point during eternity. By extension if I imagine having every layer of skin routinely grated off with a cheese grater and my fingernails pulled out with plyers and my eyelids cut off with rusty scisssors at some point I'm just not going to care.
I mean it's really the problem with the whole Henry Ford style of thinking. You haave a bunch of demons or goons or whatever doing these little jobs that achieve nothing and don't add any meaning to their eternal lives. What do they get out of torturing us? sadistic pleasure. You can jack off everyday sure but not all day. No I am sure if these are enteties themselves being punished they would have better things to do with eternity than simply torture people.
I mean why even torture someone, even in the worst possible way it's not going to yield any useful information, there's no way we can go back and change our behaviour to any great effect once dead. So why? as a deterrant to the still living to lead good lives of honesty, piety and modesty. If so why not punish people were people could see the causality between being a sinner and suffering for your sins, like while their still alive. Instead of the obscure alternate dimension of the afterlife.
See I know Chuck Norris, Hell sounds bad conceptually.
But conceptually it doesn't fucking work. People will aclimatise to inhumane heat when they cant die and have all eternity to do it, the mind has a certain threshold for pain before it switches off or dissapears, we can't be killed when we're dead, and hell has a constantly expanding population.
Sure A fuckload of evil sentient entities are doing a job more repetative and meaningless than a machine these days could do twice as effectively and with no unionisation.
So here's what happens, I die, I go to hell, hell is hot, I am in desperate pain and anguish for let's assume it takes me a long time 50 years to acclimatise. After 50 years I aclimatise. I find that I still have all eternity to engage in the more meaningful market driven economy and labour force that is utilising the resources of hell to answer the key economic questions. What to produce? For Whom do we produce? And another one I can't remember.
Maybe the demons have actually got all the sinners to work with them to try and escape the confines of hell? I imagine so, they have all eternity and it is in all residents interests to find a way out, if it is even that bad.
I imagine if we could witness hell, the naive and gap filled system it is designed on (whilst effective at scaring children, and young adults whose minds have been protected from sin) isn't that scary nor would it work under core conditions. After 100 years of torture I would have stopped caring. My mind would implode and I would have accepted my fate.
I realise there are more sophisticated and even more gruesome forms of torture out there and torture is by no means funny or appropriate in any circumstances but seriously if we could see into hell to test out this theory I bet you could also get a contiki tour there by now.

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