Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Duff and Wingman

Every now and then I discover that whilst I was preoccupies with drawing pictures like this one of my friend Brenton in highschool:
early filth contest entry
feeling all special about how much more perverse my mind was than brenton's I may have missed out on some essential concepts that make my life easier or harder. One such one I found out today. I never knew about girls keeping 'DUFF's' or 'Dumb ugly fat friend' to make themselves look better when out nor that I should have a 'wingman' a co conspirator. I mean I always suspected about the Duff's it's just too common an occorance. But I didn't know I needed my robin, my wingman to take out the duff to bring the whole battle back to even stevens. Until now I had relied on my relative clean cutness at Bryce hosted functions to attract attention. Now I realise I can produce results anywhere with a little help from a friend.
By the same token I think I'd make an excellent wingman I mean a lot of the time I'll be conversating with what I must presume was a duff thinking I was simply conversating and naively thinking I was looking good for my compassion and well meaning to all living creatures.
In fact I'd be the best wingman, I can talk to anyone. I did fucking door to door sales charming women in flannel shirts and spandex tights to the point where they laughed out loud through the brown remnants of their teeth.
Although like always maybe I'm not as good as I think I am. I still cherish what is possibly the finest work of art ever produced on paint... not by me but by brenton. Truly archibald worthy and so sensuos you'd swear brenton was gay.
Anyway enough defamation.

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