Saturday, July 08, 2006

A Love that Isn't Beautiful

I can't believe it's taken me this long to write about this subject. Homophobia is actually illegal yet it is also illegal for same sex couples to marry. The arguement is that marriage is sacred, John howard argues that marriage is exclusively for between a man and a woman. Yet as Chris Rock is quick to point out a) marriage isn't sacred. Not when you have the Bachelor, the Bachelorette, Joe Millionaire, Who Want's to marry a Millionaire, Australian Princess, Outback Jack. And even in the words of the Great Chuck Barris 'The premise of the Newlyweds game was that any couple would gladly sell eachother out for a chance to win some modern kitchen appliances' if you are afraid of the legal status and welfare entitlements causing a drain on taxpayers money, worry about fucking negative gearing, a tax incentive of no benifit to anyone but the already wealthy and an economic burden on everyone else.
If you believe in any justice at all, the same justice that has lead us to say you can't make employment choices based on someones sexual orientation then what about protecting these individuals that are living as married couples anyway yet if their relationship is irreconcilable after 20 years living together there's no defacto status, no dividing the estate we send one faggot up the river and let the other sit pretty.
If gay men and women can't marry they also can't divorce or seperate which just isn't just.
I guess my real question is 'what is everyone afraid of?' I mean seriously, I am so fucking sick of it. We know you can't catch homosexuality or lesbianism. We know you can't cure it, it's someones nature, someones soul. It is how they choose to love.
I forget who it was but I'm pretty sure it wasn't Shania Twain but anyway one of those lesbian american singers when she was growing up in the south and had determined she was a lesbian she went to fess up to a priest and the priest said 'I can't believe that god could make a love that isn't beautiful'.
What about beastiality Tom? or Peadophilia Tom? I agree with you, but at least your acknowledging the love. But what about Heterosexuality? think about it, Paedophilia and Beastiality are detestable not because they are a form of love but all to often are expressed as Rape. Just like it isn't love in a heterosexual relationship when one party is 'in love' and the other party isn't, that is called rape, statutory rape, molestation, stalking, sexual harassment, abuse etc. A huge percentage of girls in Australia are in abusive relationships, an understated figure because only a small percentage of them overcome the shame and get help. So there's a fucking love that isn't beautiful. I love ducks, but I'd never fuck one. Because ultimately loving and fucking are two different things. The only thing that would make me reconsider my position is if a duck maybe cracked onto me at a party one day.
Like that's ever going to happen, I'm not that lucky.
So seriously, what homosexual in history has ever hurt anyone? versus hetero initiatives like the sacking of troy, the death of king arthur, the ottoman empire vs Wallachia, the Hiroshima Bombing, the Holocaust.
Maybe you can blame the Holocaust on Hitler if you think he was gay, but if he was would he have done any of it if he wasn't a repressed homosexual.
The only time it can harm someone that I can accept is in the religious sense, but there viewpoint is weak to me. Religions assume homosexuality is a choice, they also believe it can be cured. I don't think it is. I think people are gay if they are gay the day they are born. Which to me means that if one's everlasting soul is fucked from square one, then god (and this is a big truism) is a racist prejudice fuck. I don't fucking care, I would no more eat at a restaurant that refused my homosexual friends than I would spend an eternity in a self proclaimed 'paradise' that refused my homosexual friends.
I am ashamed to be a member of a nation that will not bestow equal rights and dignity to my homesexual friends, yet just like my homosexual friends I had both the fortune and misfortune of being born that way and by 'that way' I mean Australian. fortunately I can do something about being Australian. I can move to Brazil, get citizenship, tear up my Australian passport and never again return. My gay friends aren't so lucky.
Yesterday I wore my army cam stockings to basketball under my shorts, when changing out of my shorts after the match Omar my palestinian friend finally clicked that my stockings were fucking stockings and he a fucken arab and proclaimed victim of prejudice said 'do you want people to think you are gay?' to which I should have retorted 'what's with your fucking beard do you want people to think your a fucking arab terrorist mother fucker?' which is generally how I actually speak to Omar so he probably wouldn't have gotten my point but I think I said 'we can't all pretend to be blackmen'
It's all to fucken common, homophobia is a new thing. All over the world, the Greek and Roman empires celebrated it "women are for babies, boys are for pleasure" the higher ranking roman official you could do the more prestige to you.
That was the foundation of western civilization until the church came along, Japan's beaf under the Bushido system against homosexuality was: 'Any samurai who is in a relationship with a man has loyalty to two men, his master and his lover and this can create difficulty.' that was it, none of this burn in hell shit that comes from the church, the same church that would have us believe Jesus never did anything but hang around with 12 other men.
Homophobia was introduced to Japan. Homophobia has been introduced by the Church to most of civilization and we are all poorer for it.
When I was 6 I wasn't interested in girls, I wanted to play transformers in the playground with the boys. I devised a new lifestyle that made perfect sense to me. What if two guys fell in love, that have more in common and you know wouldn't have to put up with girly things like barbie and my little pony and shit.
In other words I thought I had devised an alternative lifestyle, I had invented homosexuality. Like most boys at the age of 6 I was well behind puberty and understanding how fun women can be, but at the same time I still think guy guy and girl girl relationships actually make a lot of sense.
I come from Ballarat, the capital city of homosexual repression. Families with a repressed homosexual kid lead a tragic pretend life. Families with kids who have gone to melbourne and come out of the closet end up having broken homes as parents struggle to 'deal with it' which they wouldn't have to if every majour institution wasn't out there espousing homophobic shit.
Like all things you've got to reverse it. You've got to imagine what life would be like if throughout history all major institutions, churches, governments, courts where heterophobic. That is the only legally recognized relationships where gay ones and reproduction was a civil duty carried out once or twice in a lifetime, no relationship ensued.
What kind of fucking life is that? It probably wouldn't work. It would collapse. Just like homophobia also doesn't work. People are still gay despite it being just about the worst thing you can be in terms of opportunities apart from being aboriginal. It still exists because the best thing you can have is requitted love. The powers that be within the church are honestly and with absolute finality a piece of shit, we need more priests of the 'god would not create a love that isn't beautiful' calibre in charge and less of the homophobic conservative ones that preach abstinence only sex education (which if you want to talk about success, abstinence only ed. states and nations having the highest rate of STI's, Teen pregnancies, and small minded arseholes of anywhere in the world).

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