Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Addict behaviour

I wasn't going to write anything today, because I am almost certain nobody reads this on a daily basis. But I been yet again at my desk writing this fucking script and managed to knock off two pages that I'm happy with. That being said much like this blog or any of my paintings going back and deleting or rewriting or even rereading something is unholy and unnatural to me. Speaking of which a friend of mine should have gone to get breast implants today. Now there's something you never imagine happening to someone you know, and I thought they were kidding.
Anyway here's a picture I love, I put it here because I intend to put up more but most of the artists paintings I love are reckognised and I think it's a side of me I neglect and really wish I had some scans or prints of my work.
carcrash by r.s.conett there's a link to the artists site in the post entitled 'my god' which refers to another post I am partially eager to get off the main page so people can safely read this blog at their workplace again.
The dude drew this with his eyes closed erratically. Lately I've been looking at Yantra's and Escher prints too often I forgot about the influences of the totally free artists like conett and whitely
brett whitely's
My year 12 folio was made up of a huge cityscape triptych which I had bolted together with piano hinges (Vicky my art teacher come surrogate mother would smack me for making out that I was practically helpful in any way, I couldn't nail the frame together and couldn't stretch the canvas at all) that I free hand sketched the cityscape with charcoal on canvas then went over those lines with red acrylic, then painstakingly taped every edge and area to paint a tesselation of polygons that made up my impression of ballarat.
Miles said to me one day 'So what's this mean you're fucked in the head?' Miles did a piece on masturbation from memory.
After 3 months and a lot of weekends of coming up with the finished background I then went and free hand painted on some citizens to destory the freehand-begets- structured-begets-freehand-begets-structured feel. But I did the freehand painting using some stencils and free hand then the inspiring and dominating Vicky touched up my work for me because she didn't feel it was complete.
The more I think about it the odder the piece was in the end, I probably did win that voucher after all.
My other influences include Magritte, Jeffrey Smart, Dali, Picasso, Botticelli, Francis Bacon blah blah and yet I don't actually paint much. I can't remember the last time I picked up a brush.

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