Friday, June 30, 2006

Dear Tom

I recently found a letter I wrote myself 6 months ago. It was one I was meant to hand to someone to send to me but forgot. Ironically whilst reading a book I couldn't put down I got an idea I had to write down which sent me looking for a folder and contrary to all my mothers wishes to organise I found it exactly where I left it on the floor of my bedroom where it has been sitting for 6 months, search time 1 second. How's that for efficiency.

My dearest sweetest Tom,

I aim to allow you to experience your own insightfulness motherfucker but you will have grown phenomenally in that time (exponentionally maybe) First and foremost I know you are a loving person and will have found more outlets to express your love by being more extraverted and putting in the effort to make more than token appearances at social functions. I also know in your new position you will have created opportunities for Carole, Ann, Clarissassippi and any other women that feel trod on by championing and selling the cause to ****** you will have job satisfaction. You will listen to people actively by using the non-responsive technique whenever you have presence of mind to do so and you will gain this presence of mind by acting on your own authority and setting up meetings but by also practicing meditation with discipline setting up an additional morning routine (in the evenings also but if your back to regular fucking at least showing more presence of mind). You will have fixed your posture by practice practice practice and possibly dad welding up something.
You will have pushed yourself to finish the TV project with Bryce, have it recorded and going to air . Even if you have to smack Bryce full in the face
You will be proud of how far you've come because you will have stopped the petty condescension even as you read this because that has to be the way of it because it isn't consistent with your beliefs and as such requires to much energy you loveable sloth.
You are patient because you rely on effective communication. So if your behind schedule you'll just have to resign yourself to the fact you probably can't sustain retirement anyway.
You will have figured out how to keep your mobile bill down and be still on your bike, you also wont work any overtime, you will have justified this by being productive, enthusiastic and dedicated.
Your just fucking awesome Tom
everything you do reinforces that
I don't think there's anyone
on earth I love more
remember that



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