Friday, June 09, 2006

'Sposed to do that

Chris Rock says there is a race war going on in America, between Black People and Niggers. Eloquently summarised by a prospective audiance member heading into his never scared show as 'He says there are black people and niggers.'
Irrelevent. But the arguement Chris puts forward is that the sub class of black americans letting the team down get proud of shit that they were supposed to do anyway like 'I look after my kids... You're 'sposed to do that what do you want a fucken cookie.'
I thought of this as I started reading the intro to 'Please just fuck off it's our turn now.' seldom have I picked up a book that has got me so angry I've wanted to jump up during the opening paragraphs and punch a Malaysian in the face.
I been playing basketball of late, you know the man crush and all that. The book deals with baby boomers putting a strangle hold on the resources and channels to progress to the next generation, the title adequately reflects what you'd say to a team that hogs a basketball court or ay form of play equipment.
Books don't get me angry when they are wrong, I've laughed at more Awake! jehovahs witness mags than I've gotten angry at. I get angry when they are right. I don't have enough love of the human race to get angry at social injustice either. Just personal injustice.
This book strikes a cord though because I was involved in a Young Leadership Award camp that is a feather in the cap of Rotary international. Rotary are an old organisation who's young members are 45. They are understandably proud of the RYLA project and happy to make it possible through their support. But thats the thing.
I've been involved in Youth Council in ballarat and other smaller youth initiatives. Youth forums and yes the majority of youth have not much more to offer than suggesting a skate park. But the majority of people are dumb anyway it has nothing to do with the fact they are young.
Most adults have nothing more to offer on the meaning of life than 'Buy a house, then buy a rental property.' an idea as cliched and as unexciting as a skate park. At least the skate park promotes exercise rather than watching TV. Particularly watching Tv shows about people living in a house without a TV.
Rotary are proud of something they are supposed to do which is pass on some of the resources you accumulate to the next generation. In fact in order for progress to be made you need to pass on more resources than you had to the next generation.
The Youth Council was an organisation that involved 1 full time employee and the city council were proud of twice a year.
I recently went to the strategic planning weekend of the Fitzroy Learning network and everything was in balance. There where some old heads there and more young heads and EVERYONE GOT CAKE. more to the point everyone was involved in the discussion, could contribute to ideas and the company could move on.
My work on the other hand... the other day I looked around most of the old heads were people that came to it as part time sales staff 20 years ago, which makes it fairly young. There's good points to it. but the marketing department for one is made up of this staff with no marketing qualifications. The whole department probably came about from someone somewhere down the track reading an article about marketing departments. There knowledge and expertise has probably come from finding ways to spend money.
As such advertising adgencies have done all the brand building and made some classic marketing mistakes.
In the sales support department there are now 4 marketing degrees. In the marketing department there is 1. Why has this happened? because the older generation can't trust the young people with the resources. To its credit if you speak up you are heard and all that shit. The problem with the marketing example is that 80% of marketing graduates can't explain what Brand Equity is - regardless of institution. 99% of advertising graduates couldn't explain it but do say it a lot which reassures marketing graduates because they know they've heard it somewhere before but are not sure what it means.
But enough of ripping on my past time of the past couple of years.
My company like a thousand others in Australia has a big problem, in ten years 70% of it's management are going to retire. Because they are all baby boomers.
Baby boomers decide through sheer market power, what our government cares about, what we watch on every channel, what we listen to on the radio, where and how we shop, what technologies are available to us and how much shit we swallow.
This book in cutting through to the bone gets me angry on a level as profound as Wild Swans a pretty faggy book to have read but a worthwhile read.
In wild swans I laughed because in the midst of Mao Zedong's cultural revolution and mass famine that killed more chinese than the holocaust killed jews Chinese people thanks to controlled media said 'times are tough now but at least we're not in America where capatilism is in control.' Similarly to think about we think we are an important country, when was the last time Australia got mentioned before Spain in the coalition of the willing on foreign press coverage? we think we are the lucky country, what industries are we leaders in the world at? we think we are the sporting nation of the world? how many American swimming "stars" can be named by an American. Fuck baby boomer mentality is so old and outdated Graham kennedy is still ahead of his time, his first season of IMT reruns are more entertaining than Rove.

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