Sunday, June 11, 2006

Makin' aint easy

What happened to Kriss Kross? Kriss Kross where awesome. They were awesome. They were totally Mac Daddy. They made us all Jump. They made us all jump jump.
They really had it all going for them on their powerful number one hit with a bullet:
It had mac daddy, daddy mac, self validation lyrics like 'don't try to compare us to a little fad...' so ironic so kool. They had wiggida wiggida wac.
No other rap single has so universally captured everything so true and real about Rap and Hip Hop than Jump. I remember when my brother bought the Totally Crossed Out LP he played it non stop until I hid or destroyed it. Fact is first thing tomorrow I'm gonna get my arse down the street and buy it.
Let us all remember Kriss Kross.
I doubt channel 7 will do a where are they now thing on Kriss Kross, if you google it though you can see what bad asses they grew up to be.

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