Tuesday, June 13, 2006


A Quick one because I am freezing my nipples off sitting in nothing but my underwear, underwear so exciting that when this dude saw only the band of it above the waist of my shorts he said 'You are phenomenouly hot and I want to suck your cock.' Which is about the best thing anyones ever said to me in a bar. He was serious too.
Anyway organising basketball or bike riding, going to UNESCO conferences, sustainable living festivals or strategic planning weekends for the FLN, or laborious awards ceromonies for radio stations. The most amazing thing by far that gets me every time is that people turn up.
I've had weeks where one lonely student has turned up to ride with me around melbourne. And we just talk and ride around. That's it but it's yeilded powerful moments like when this dude Eric after directing him the best way to get home to Collingwood after cycling the Yarra tail just smiled at me and said how happy he was. It's like being kicked in the nuts by Jesus.
I'm a fuck most of the time, shooting down ideas and only letting those with the most stringent self belief remain in my presence.
So when I organise something as hap hazard and namby pampy as some community minded thing I can't see beyond myself to envision anyw\one turning up to support me.
But they do and it's powerful for an intravert like me to find people from nothing without going clubbing getting introduced and networking. Taking a flimsy email network and building something of people who just want something to do.
So do it. Start something, build something even if it's a sand castle and you know not a very big one with holes cut in it for candles and shit.

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