Monday, June 19, 2006

It's your birthday

So it isn't my birthday. What makes you so special?
I first got interested in Sikhism when I watched a day time documentary on their culture and beliefs and discovered that they couldn't shave or cut their hair. I immediately seized upon this as I badly needed to find legitimate cause to circumvent my highschools bullshit policy of clean shaven page boy haircuts. Unfortunately credibility was not on my side. People new me too well to ever believe I believed any shit.
But similarly while bored I came across the Wikipedia article on Sikh's founding father Guru Nanak whom shares the same birthday as me, or at least historians have picked the same birthday as me to apply to him. Whatever. Coincidence? Yes. Pure random coincidence and further more with the whole list of historical figures and celebrities born the same day as me (including Danii minogue) I picked him to look at and be inspired by one dreary day at work.
Guru Nanak is famous for his revalation 'there is no Muslim, there is no Hindu.' So he created another religion and ignored buddhism all together. Whatever. The Sikh are community oriented and a lot of there pillars and philosophies have appeal.
The marketer in me applauds theologians that position religions around key concepts as they make them easier to accept and digest for the uninitiated: Jesus - love, Buddha - Compassion, Mohammed - terrorism.
But I like delving deeper because while you can argue Jesus stood for love, there's millions of designs of Air Jordan's and like love is one of the best selling brands around today.
Sikh often gets overlooked though, buddhism is popular and accessable but Sikhism is not only a copulation of two beautiful religions Hinduism and Islam it also has practical and non threatening ways to go about spreading the love.
One core concept and one I would love to introduce, are the communal kitchens, where a prince can dine with a begger all free. Living and consuming together. I gotta be honest I eat a lot better at camp. Also being a young bachelor with entirely disposable income I never have small issues like 'seconds' and 'that's all the cheese we have' to prevent me from overconsumption and thinking about what resources I allocate myself thaty may infact be better allocated to others. It's simple and powerful, and I'm too lazy to cook most nights.
The more I think about having just me to look after and how I behave, which is better than most of my friends who don't save and piss money up the wall at pubs or crown casino, and you multiply that by the 7 million Austalians currently living alone and you know we may as well have just a big mountain of oil and brown coal burning somewhere to no end at all.
Guru Nanak you may have had a funny preference for yellow but I salute you!

Watch Global village, 9/10 they feature some Sikh community or warrior training camp.

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