Sunday, June 25, 2006

People hurting people

I recieved this email from my friend in East Timor today, I have left their name off because I don't know if it would endanger them in any way but I thought it would be good to post it if you weren't digging the channel 7, channel 9 coverage.

Hi Tom

Thanks for saying hello, I do not know really if I am ok or not but let me
share with you some of my frustration.

I walked to the beach yesterday, looked out there, i see as far as my ayes
can see, i was thinking if i could, i want to be able to predict what will
happen to my country and if i knew that there is something that i could do
to make this country a better place for future, i will do anything to make
it happen.

I am confused of the political situation of this country. The rivalry
within leaders turns out to have very bad impact to the whole population.
It’s imaged me how the ego and the arrogance of our leaders easily forgot
sacrification of people to gain the independence of this country. People
pay the independent with their lives, mom's tears has not dry yet, orphans
are still suffering from their lost.

We are starting again another war within ourself because we all want to be
in power. No one in this country willing to obey the rule of law. We all
reluctant to play by the rule.

I must admit my friends that the political culture here is that we do not
"play by rule", even I am a criminals I am saved if i am belong to the
right political side.
Some one like Alfredo Reinaldo, could easily abandoned his barrack, act
unlawfully using guns, attempt to murder, he is freely out there.

Salsinha, who has threatened to overthrow the democratically elected
government and attempt to kill people freely out there,.
Lobato distributed guns to civilian to achieved his political interest,
long ago just yesterday they are able to arrest him.

Ramos Horta plays the game to gain the power. Horta, has failed to do his
job, he has failed to defend the government that he mean to do, he has
humiliated his own government every day on international media, he is now
named by the Australian four corners ABC news as the " darling of west".

Xanana called for alkatiri to responsible for the crisis. He forgot that he
started the ethnic issues by saying that people from west are militia's and
people from east are the independent fighter.
He also forcing the Prime Minister to step-down, his legal adviser must
have failed to advice him that In reality ( i mean Constitutionally), the
president do not have the power or the constitutional right or legally or
practically sack the Prime Minister.

Xanana has create political conspiracy by called the military commanders
asked them " what side they are". Xanana should be aware that his act its a
Crime of State" but apparently no one have told him.

Alkatiri has done many good things, success in the taught negotiation with
Australia on Timor sea, saving policy matter. On the other had he has been
accused to behind lobato of distribution of guns.

All this to me is a symbol of civil disobedience.

I do not know whats and which side is good or bad. My interest is having
peace to my children, my family and my country. I do not know what gonna
happen next.

Anyway i better let you go and sorry to get all my anger to you.

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