Saturday, June 24, 2006

Indutstries that should not exist 1

I got not problem with face painting, it's fun and expressive and allows us as children to play into and enhance our fantasies whether we are pirates or monsters or princesses or those weird ones where you're face is a field of butterfly's and flowers. but the beauty industry should not exist - why? because it doesn't work at all. period.
I have never met a person who was on the brink of being attractive and thanks to makeup went from not attractive to attractive. I haven't seen a woman stop ageing by smearing spunk on her face yet.
Ugly people with makeup are just ugly people made up. Beautiful people with make up re beautiful people with makeup. Make up is being introduced for guys but why? throughout western history no guy has ever had to be made up. Obviously the've still been able to attract because we still have ugly and beautiful people today.
Statistical regression was used in a study to find out what made people identify others as beautiful and the key was symmetry. Yet few make up brands when I walk past that hell den of a department cutting through MYER on a rainy day are talking about making peoples faces more symmetrical.
That being said I really don't think anyone is ugly. I don't think any building is really ugly either. The key is painting and portraiture. Live models range from stradivarious women to big fat trucker blokes yet artists can almost universally capture the beauty of their subject matter.
I would love to see that beauty department were you walk through and there's a bunch of dudes in skivvies and berets teaching people how 'to find beauty' of course people like tangible products they can touch and know how much they are paying for them. So teaching people how to look at the world probably won't be a consumer hit especially since GNP can't measure it.
But seriously if you have an industry that for so long has failed to produce results, toss it. Just like the old addage: 'Why do women wear make-up? why do women wear perfume? because they're ugly and they stink.'
Guys are ugly and stink and they do allright without cosmetic augmentation. If you're a woman worried about attracting guys try just sking them out then you don't have to attract them with magical attraction.
If you want a guy like me paint your face up like a tiger or whatever else at the next party we go to and I gauruntee I'll talk to you.

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