Monday, August 25, 2014

"What can you accomplish and control that will help you restore your self-esteem?"

Easy seeming. I already do it. I can control who I spend my time and attention on (including me), controlling that I gain greater control over who and what I think about.

One of the best ways I can esteem myself is bring the focus back to myself. Adapt to my social environment by building self-awareness. With self awareness I generally get actual clarity and make actual progress rather than having my wheels spin.

It is learning to recognise when a situation is the same and when it is different. Then when I understand this I can relate myself to my environment in a way that builds my esteem rather than needlessly putting it at risk and damaging it.

That last part is a harder and slower process to actually do than to describe. But I do it, you see much of it here on this blog.

next question. almost done.

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