Monday, August 04, 2014

A synthesis maybe

One of my big influences is of course Mike Patton, even though I never became a singer or performer of any other way. But he wrote this. It's a bit esoteric, but beautiful and attention grabbing for me.

Here's the thing I thought when I went running this morning and couldn't get my legs to stride out and my ankles felt weak. And it was a thing about running a marathon, that essentially requires shit get done if you want to run it. You know, because in order to run 42km, you need to be able to run 36km first, and to be able to do that, you need to be able to run 30km... etc.

That if you have done or do a marathon, it's technically possible to travel 42km in one session probably from every fitness point. But if you want to run it continuously, and not stop to walk, and not have your legs give out, and not lose your vision and collapse, you got to do some training over (for me) a fairly prolonged period.

Which is to say, it imbues a mindset that I find useful: On any given day, it would be nice to go from toilet straight to shower. And I'd save a bunch of time to do everything I look forward to doing every day. Or to simply do nothing. But to run a marathon one day in October, I need to go for a run, in whatever weather and whether my leg muscles are stiff or not, to build up for that 42km run I want to do later on.

Boring, what's the synthesis.

The synthesis is this: What most often blocks us from getting what we want, is doing what we want.

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