Tuesday, August 05, 2014


So I got fired last night. Not from my paid work, but one of my projects. It's okay. I think it was the right call. There'll be some emotions to experience over some indefinite period of time including shame, sadness, perhaps self righteousness or even anger. I'll just accept that as it comes.

But on the upside, I've finally gotten fired. The one characteristic shared by almost all CEOs. It's a right of passage. A failure certainly, but I guess like Gandhi's civil disobedience sending him to prison - it destroys the fear of jail.

And the error was probably made by both of us, quite early on when we both knew we weren't on the same page. A call I probably would have had to make in a month to 6 weeks time for myself. But then it would have been me walking away. It wasn't a call I should have made, the pattern was there to be extrapolated.

It wasn't working so I got fired. That's how shit is supposed to work.

I will probably be extra sensitive though, to all the managers I come across that are truly inept at their job and aren't getting fired any time soon.

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