Monday, August 04, 2014

Courtship Mr Darcy?

I've decided what my next and grand return to comics shall be. Today. I dusted off the idea I had at the start of the year, because I decided I needed to revisit it, for my own problem solving of the problem solving of me.

So I got the basic framework, nows I just need to populate it. I'm going to use the frame story technique as popularised by the Arabian Nights compendium. Frame story in essence done, or easily doable. Storys to put in the frame - in an advanced state of undonement. I have notes somewhere though.

Anyways, something that hit home. That has become a conoodledrum for me over the past two weekends is this. I don't drink anymore, and according to the plan, never will again. These days, the most popular means of hooking up is the drunken hook up. Step 1, get drunk. step 2 - hook up. At a party, a wedding, anything.

Also known as 'dutch courage' which is hardly fair to the dutch. It's not exactly new. It's been around for centuries.

But basically, this option is out for me. Because I don't drink. If I'm ever to hook up again, I will have to do so sober. Furthermore, I am not the kind of guy that is comfortable hooking up with somebody who is much much drunker than I am. At least not the initial hook up. If honey came home feeling 'amorous' I'd probably be delighted and amused to play. Past experience tells me this is very much the case.

But if you know it hasn't been established that it is cool for me to touch the blim-blams or the woogah, I'm not going to take that permission from somebody incredibly fucking trashed. Myopically trashed.

So here's a couple of things that are narrowing down the gene pool I can choose from. Basically, I can't and am not going to date any women that can't approach me sober. If they need to get drunk to have the confidence to engage me, basically it's now out. It kind of always was.

Two, I have to figure out how to court women sober. There's the obvious one, which is to chat them up while at work. But really to improve my chances I am going to have to do some old fashioned courting. Like attending balls, and growing severe chops and playing the piano forte.

I basically need to become Mr Darcy. I'm going to have to be fucken eloquent and say poetic shit.

All of course, while not coming across as creepy.

Man o man.

Research begins now... well, tomorrow.

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