Friday, February 22, 2008

A Tribute to Heroes

Somewhere over Europe, I neither panicked nor got anxious, I simply emotionally imploded for reasons I don't understand. For some reason looking at the flight info display as the little plane crept forward towards London, Heathrow my new least favorite place in the world (but I didnt know that at the time) and for some reason switching over to watch 'Things we lost in the fire' a movie about a woman whos husband gets killed and leaves her with two young children to raise and connects her to his best friend the heroine addict Benicio Del Toro, cheered me up.
And I think I know what's happening, sinical people get a bad wrap as being bad people, but I was told this is only partly true. Often the people most likely to criticise are the ones who care a lot. It's just criticism alone doesn't do much except eventually lead to depression.
I tell you this because here is the fact of the matter.
I miss having a life. Japan I could criticise with righteous indignation without malaise because in Japan I was for the most part liv┼čng. I had friends and connections, language and knowledge.
The rest of asia I was reduced to the contents of my wallet, the realities of glabalisation and whilst I have seen many wonders I have seen things that also frankly disgust me, and humanity can legitimately square off with the hyena as the earths most disgusting animal. There is a body of evidence there.
I am not home-sick. I am life sick.
I miss power, specifically the power to act and do. To do something not just spend money.
Anyway that said I thought to get my mind back to positive I would pay tribute to other people who saw the world and did something about it.

George Washington:

Abe Lincoln:
Watch him dance


And seriously I'll crank into more positivity soon...

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