Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Apologies and Clarifications

Ive been calling Thomas Friedman, Tim Friedman. I finished his book this morning and I have to say it was an interesting read. Namely because I dont really disagree with any of his claims or findings, maybe just his ordering. It was an odd read because he paints a big rosy picture of how wonderful globalization is and then addresses the glaring issues. This means he either normally has a dumb audiance and wanted to leverage maximum shock value by saving almost till last the big questions like "where will Chinas resources come from?" and "what about the fact that all the growth so far in India and China has been under extremely bad governance models?" or "what about the effect of the hindu caste system?" he does address them all indicates awareness and downplays them.
Im not sure if Ill have a response ever but one thing I can say is that globalization doesnt mean americanization but that doesnt mean it isnt homogenisation. I do agree that homogonisation of the best medical and educational practices is a good thing but not of a lot of things like fashion and cuisine.
While interacting with foreign cultures feels diverse it is infact the opposite. Its cashing in on diversity. Diversity I reluctantly admit is built with walls not bridges, not exclusively but sustainably it requires some time for any entity to draw within itself and not look to any external references.
Its that exercise where you split up into groups and then share the ideas at the end.
I dont think connectivity should be a full time thing for any person. Self esteem needs me time to build.

That said National pride does not equal self esteem.

The second apology is to bryce who I slandered and certainly my throwaway marks are careless, bryce does respect me I know this, the important thing though is that he doesnt stick his tongue up my arse and tell me my shit doesnt stink. Thats the disrespect I mean, I mean he's genuine.

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