Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Starting a Company

It is an exciting time to start a company, with questions hovering over everything. Technology making the world flat, networks extending to every continent and islands in the pacific ocean.
And I'm slowly, perhaps dragging my feet, putting together a company. Or at leas the framework of a company. I'm contemplating names, I know I should be getting up to speed with ABNs and how to pay taxes when self employed. How the fuck am I going to rent a room when self employed? especially being a management consultant and the wise old age of 24. If anyone could say 'You're doomed to failure' I'd probably agree. Infact I'm courting failure, in a way. Gotta get it out of the way, learn failure, embrace failure, and pick myself up and dust myself off.
There are myriad resources available to people to set up, learning is quite accelerated if you actively seek to do so. Even if I only have a 7% chance of success its enough to go after.
I think about how I will hit the ground when I come home. The courting of businesses to try and get some names on my portfolia, to test and refine my services, how to set up al the ideas I have for working hours, payment and better yet the organisation.
I asked the question Drucker says all executives need to ask themselves and that is 'What does the organisation require of me?' and I think I may have won a battle already to be not thinking of myself and the organisation as the same entity. If I fail I hope the organisation I plucked from the ether can survive.
But the answer to my question isn't what I'd like to do, and that is recruit a whole bunch of exciting people, start eaching and managing. But I am probably going to have to spend months selling my arse, doorknocking and beggng for work. Which I don't relish but will be liberating, succeed or fail.
I'll keep you posted in how it is all going.

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