Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cool Used to be Just that

In a bookstore in Shinsaibashi Osaka I picked up a photo journal that depicted the early days of rap origins and argued how 'cool used to be a means to survive' there was I seem to remember on the outer ripple of where cool went to die (white Australia) something antique, unpolished and actually cool back in the day when aspirations where envious not manufactured coolness made for the soul purpose of driving aspirations and consumer consumption in todays self referential rap industry.

This clip from the early days I feel captures this mood.

And I don't normally do this but I thought I'd plagiarize this essay emailed to me by my good friend I shall codename Jimmy Pop because I thought it worth it:

the pinnacle of uncool is telling people to 'chill' then 'relax', then 'chillax'. i do it all the time, cuz shit is funy to me! oh yeah and i truly believe the next logical step in the english lexicon is to remove both the letters 'k' and 'x' from the alphabet for the trauma they have undergone in such words as 'kaos' and 'kronik' and 'knife' (the silent (k)iller). It'll be like a child protection program, as in today's environment these letters have not been allowed the kind of respect trust and security needed to become fully developed characters. I'm surprised they can even reach capital status when you combine em with shift on your keyboard. Look at this: K, X, these letters have feelings and making them do that hurt. They're growing up to quick, like a 14 year old bitch who fucks for social validation, 'cuz that's what the grown ups are doing'

And no shit 'x' is the opposite to a 'tick' or a nike swoosh. 'OOOOH x soooo badass!!!' FOR THE SAKE OF F IT IS NOT! 'extreme' should be spelt 'ecstream' that way the letter x wouldn't be tagged on to deodorants and the KFC meal deals i wish i could say i begrudgingly eat.
And this speaks for itself, and to me is more is more offensive than a close inspection of my auntie's sphincter: xXxHARDCORExXx

Maybe some kind of nuclear winter will force us all to readopt cool not as a money maker, but a sheer means of survival.

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