Monday, February 11, 2008

One way to free yourself

RYLA stands for Rotary Youth Leadership Award, it is a camp shrouded in nnecessary secrecy as people under 25 from various backgrounds are initiated into a world of leadership one couldn't possibly comprehend. A course so fragile that should even the scarcest detail slip in the content of the camp, the circle of trust would be broken. Thousands would die.
But ignoring that, one thing RYLA runs in their camps is a dinner for the Rotarians. This occurs on one of te nights and the organisation, structure, performance of the entertainment is left to the 'delegates' with little to no direction apart from the scarcest time constraints from the 'facilitators'.
And it beautifully demonstrats a tip for freeing the well meaning people of the world. I Heart Huckabees documents another example. It is a lesson hard learnt, and still in progress for an egotist like me.
The balls of the matter of a gala dinner is that its pretty predctable what has to be done, there's going to be some skits, some songs maybe sme MCs, there has to be some decisions made as to how to break up the evening between courses and so fourth.
The real question is who?
RYLA is not one of those situations where someone has to step up and throw themselves ontop of a live grenade sacrificing themselves for the good of the squadron. Rather whoever steps up walks ontop of the broken bones of their vanquished foes and crowns themselves 'leader of the leaders' it is afterall a leadership camp.
So the simple ay you can free yourself, is to simply tell yourself 'it doesn't have to be me' my father would probably say something like 'I don't care who does it, so long as it gets done' this is most likely referring to the dishes while camping. But it can apply to great ideas just as equally as bothersome chores.
It is amazing how often conflict can emerge in a situation where two people want the same thing, the same end result that effects lasting change for the better. But of course the conlict is precisely because they both want the same thing.
But I have to admit to myself, life is a lot more efficient when you don't get in the way of people helping you, because you want to help them.
So just let it go, let someone else eat the cake between you and glory, and learn to be happy. If you think you can succeed, go for it, by all means, but if it is a worthwhile cause, don't make it an imperative that it is you that achieves it.

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