Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bury Treasure

Yes I'm serious.
I was watching Michael Douglass' "King of California" and was inspired.

A) Michael Douglas represents that "real" rish, the rich where you are rich enough to pick jobs you want to do not based on their commercial viability or everlasting pursuit of ROI growth.
B) Bury treasure.

With Al Gore and everyone else in a Bush inspired era talk about the shitty legacy left for our grandkids (and let's face facts, us) its high fucken time we thought about leaving an actual good, cool fucken legacy for future generations, and that is bruy treasure somewhere, draw a map and then hide it somewhere really obscure like in a childrens books section in a public library.
Go carve symbols into tree trunks, carve rocks into animal shapes. Bury clues along the way. Bt seriously put down "0 to 100+ properties in a year" and set aside some of your portfolio to buy impressive persian style jewellery, maybe some pieces of 8 and perhaps some bullion. Put it in a chest and fucken bury it.
You may think I'm insane but that's just what I plan to do.

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