Friday, December 07, 2007

My Boots are growing roots

In a matter of minutes I will pack my possessions back into a bag and head for the train station. That is if I manage to finish a post in under an hour.
The great thing about Japan, is that I speak the language, have friends here and can find my way around by myself. In other words whilst forever assigned to outsider status I can actually live here, rather than being a tourist. There are people I recognise and can discuss stuff with.
Similarly you can become quite attached to a home like situation, and leaving is more of an issue than just the inconvenience of packing and transporting a bag.
It is taking something out of me, every time I move on. Whilst being a house guest one becomes conscious of being a big sedentry sponge, mooching off the houses resources, it is easy to forget what a welcome break having someone from the outside stay. That as annoying as they are, when they are gone, the emptiness is felt, the peace and quiet manifests itself horrifyingly as boredom.
This I actually feel in empathy, particularly here where distractions to day to day life are rare that I gather the distinct impression is 'oh well, on with the rest of my life' not that I am bringing about any radicalising change, just conversation, an extra seat at the table, distraction. That shit.
I feel a little bit of heartbreak each time I move.
As I have always felt, or at least since the annual transition at IH days, the reality ultimately is 'it sucks to stay, sucks to go'

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