Saturday, August 26, 2006

Take it Easy

So I set foot in the fucking doctors and lay it all out I say 'I think I'm suffering from Hypocondria' I hit him with all the symptoms. He explains to me using his best bedside manner that these are all non-specific symptoms.
They are symptoms in me because I never get fucking tired, my eyes focus fine normally, I don't know shit about hair shedding because that's always been the case when my hair is long, chest pains are new too. So he checks me up and finds me in perfect health.
'Wanting to sleep is the bodies way of explaining that you are tired.' he explains to me, and I walk out of the doctors feeling better. Yesterday I start writing a zeen and my anxiety is replaced with boredom. Boredom. I don't feel like doing shit. Even blogging, and I realise for almost 12 months now I've filled every hour of every day with something to do. I am fucking busy.
This pisses me off because I don't feel busy. I feel bored.

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