Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Another Day another Glorious Letter

There is some dude paid (I assume) to read Carmen's emails to me, so when she writes stuff from East Timor it comes through with the tag (SEC= Unclassified) I wonder what kind of shit goes through the military email. Still it is wonderful to be connected to a country that has such different living standards to mine own.
So here's the plan, when I told bryce I was tired yesterday (which took some effort because Bryce is actually fucking busy what the fuck do I get exhausted from blogging?) he said 'you are not well' and took my Vanilla Ice head into his bosom and rocked me back and forth. It was comforting.
But after bryce ruled out holidaying in Yass, because it's too far away. Even if it does have a bakery. I went back to Plan A: The expensive Plan. Go stay here I think being a zen monk for a couple of weeks might be just the contrast I need. I met the abbot of this zen dera last time I was there and he was super cool mcschool. I would be drinking tea and he would say 'please be careful that cup is 900 years old' just to shit me. When I asked him who was paying for the restoration of a hanging scroll he said 'me'.
I've seen the hall for sitting/kneeling and meditating all day. I don't even mind if I have to go begging alms.
While digging for the brochure though (zen temples have brochures in Japan) I found Brenton's letter that I would like to relate to you now:

What's going on? Why were you late?
Shigeno said last night that I had to go to her home room so I did and as usual she did her best to embarass the fuck out of me. First she informed the class about everything I've done and will be doing who gives a fuck? Then she made me stand in front of the class and in Japanese, explain what I did on new years and over the holidays. I said I didn't want to but she like pulled the chair back so I had to get up. Then I decided fuck this! and I made absolutely no attempt to speak any sentences in I Japanese I said stuff like PTO... one word -> netta (sleep) bideo o mitta (watched video) and didn't smile once. I must have looked so DARK. and I was. Then when Shigeno realised I wasn't going to be any fun, she let me sit down and I whispered/mouthed kira!!!i (I hate her) to Yuka & one of her friends & the smiled & nodded.

How was last night?

And so ends the exchange. Shigeno is a prize curiousity of nature, and really bad with the exotic in not making them feel like a freakshow. I came to love Shigeno when I started thinking of her as an animal and not a human being. Yuka was stacked.

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