Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It's hard to find a word that rhymes with Capoeira

Lima, Sabrina, North Carolina? Jimmy Pop have cured me of the asiatic desire to be a black man. His master crafted lyrics always remind me of exactly what I am, a juvenile, bored, wealthy, white male. Combine that with the double whammy of 'who cares' FNM film clip DVD and black is the old black if you know what I'm saying.
Which is as unintelligible as true G-money gangsta talk cuz. That's because in any period of self discovery one emerges a new and beautiful butterfly and thats just it. Here I am and I am beautiful.
So I went to my first lesson of the Afro Brazillian dance/martial art capoeira tonight having only previously read about it from books. Who the fuck reads books? pussy's. Yeah. And I am a pussy. And pussy is beautiful. A beautiful butterfly pussy that walked into Capoeira and loved it.
Admittedly I shredded the soles* off my feet, got dizzy and wore out my shoulders in a class that was loosely interpreted as 'beginner' but I relished being thrown in the deep end. Paul Ruben's quote of the moment 'If you're gonna walk on thin ice you may as well dance' So I pushed myself through as much as I could and it was good to finally use my upper body for something.
So certainly I am now a kelis fan. Play basketball and have signed up for more Capoeira but I am soon to undergo an image makeover that celebrates my whiteness and early 90's grunge heratage.
Eat shit.

*Daud asks rio 'How do you say this in english' to Rio in indonesian, Rio tells him, Daud walks up to me one basketball match and says 'My nipple hurts' indicating the sole of his foot.

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