Saturday, August 12, 2006

Sprung Mofo

Today I slept in till 8.21 what a Sunday sleep in. I normally don't like sleeping past 7, but that's only because on a Monday I get up at 7. If I don't have a productive weekend I feel like I've thrown away a whole weekend.
But that's crazy, when you work 9-5 (and I am considered eccentric for actually going home at 5) in winter work can give the impression that it is your life, for many people this is true. So when Spring comes through it is like my life fucking doubles. Not waking up in the dark. Not going home in the dark.
By leaving work at 5 (4.30 on tuesdays to go teach and learn with Zaman) I still got at least three hours day to do other shit that's important to me like going to dinner with friends, basketball with foreigners, 'working' on scripts 'n shit.
Yet the weekend is all about rest. I shouldn't put myself under pressure to try and live on a weekend because kicking back and chizmolakin is what living should be all about.
I'm living in topsy turvy land. At work I sit around with not much to do even when I have 8 or 10 projects on the go. I don't regard myself as lazy it's just nothing takes enough time to do to warrant working a whole 8 hours a day. I have even become a PA to a marketing colleague of sorts and I don't know how she keeps so fucking busy.
The most she ever manages to offload to me is 20 minutes work a day. leaving me with 3 or 4 hours. So I get most of my rest at work. Then I go home and do shit for all the other orgnisations I'm involved in and I don't have enough hours in the day as well as getting in some chizmolakin time and 8 hours of sleep.
I have recently started living more selfishly - ie trying to make life easier for me and you know there's nothing wrong with that gotta look after yourself before you can help out anyone else safely.
But yeah I've hit a problem. I already earn more money than I need (justified by how much money I waste every year) and my savings are good. My work is too easy my personal life well I was saying yesterday 'When I get good at Capoeira I don't know how I'll contain my explosiveness' because my life is pretty exciting. I hardly get to watch TV. Yet it's not exciting enough to not have a blog obviously.
The solution to my dilemma is easy though. Just get a mortgage, that way I can be a wage slave for 30-40 years and stop complaining unless I get a car too. Then I can complain about petrol and big brother.

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