Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Joy of Laughter

I love catching up with Parky. One time we were at Chocolate Buddha or one of those chocolate shops, he was drinking the hot chocolate where you drop chocolate buttons into milk stir it up over a candle then drink and I said 'don't laugh' while he was drinking and he sprayed some girl with chocolate milk out of his nose. It was real messy and it took me like 2 days to get over it.
Last night Harvard was cooking and Chen and I were talking about which specialisation of medicine she would go into. I recommended proctology as 90% of the work is removing 'suspiscious' objects from peoples rectums and listening to their excuses.
'How did you get a vegimite jar stuck up your arse?'
'I fell on it in the shower'
'And what was the vegemite doing in the shower?'
Chen started asking questions about Jam jars and why people would stick them up their arse, I don't have the answer the above anecdote was actually one of vaggy's. I could only explain that vegemite jars come in a smaller size as you don't use as much as Jam, Jam jars are not for amatuers I concluded.
While to you and me this was a completely rational stream of consciousness the malaysians found this 'hilarious' Chen almost choking and none of us moving to help her out because she was the "doctor" in the room. Our explanation didn't help the choking fit though.
She eventually had to move to the couch because her back hurt.
It's been a while since I've made people laugh to that extent, it's a really good feeling even if nothing came out of Parky's nose this time.

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