Thursday, August 07, 2008

FOWP Update: My thighs are killing me

Good thing I don't need to hold a pencil between my thighs. My parlor trick prostitute days were left behind in Bombay.
I ran 13km from work to home yesterday in preparation for the City 2 Surf. Its kind of a shame that it is officially called 'City 2 Surf' which means I won't be able to watch more of Harvard's uninstructive 'How did he draw' DVD this weekend.
That said, I am in love. I can't help but feel we have lost something in the age of digital art, I remember my year 9 graphic design class, we had three weeks on how to rule up a page. Skills totally lost to me now.
Because we were given a software package to do that with almost immediatly after we finished.
But back in the good old days of the 80's you used to sit down with pencils and draw. And there's something romantic about that. Back right when the electric pencil sharpener was the revolution in the industry, or the mechanical pencils.
Then came photoshop, and that was the end. But as my teacher pointed out...
Well 1. The best most expensive cameras in the world still came with a pinhole camera attachment (the simplest most ancient form of camera)
and 2. With pencils and paper the only limitation is the artists imagination. With software the limitations are that of the software.
I'm not sure if evidence bears that out. But tell me, in the whole world of Japanime have you seen anything that appears even as close to revolutionary as 80's one hit sensation Aha - Take On Me:

Now that's a love story.
So take it from me, I have a little more design work to do, then I'm just going to fang it, so I should be writing in a fortnight max.

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