Friday, March 07, 2008

My Family Does Poorly for Once

Remember Creed? me neither, that is until it came on the radio today while I was eating lunch and one of those memetic blips occured and I thought fondly of an ex of mine from ballarat codename S who was a real bitch.
She was a bitch in so far as she was a tough customer, but from the priveledged position of being me, she gave me no real trouble at all, albeit I was threatened by her should I play up in any way.
But at anyrate one particularly strong asset in my arsenal of courtship tools is my parents, they are those kind of great parents that cook dinners and are generally often more adept at showing interest in my girlfriends than I often am. I have gotten better over the years and hopefully when it comes my turn to be a parent I too will undermine my kids listening and conversational abilities.
At anyrate though I was in the odd circumstances of dating a girl that under a Hindu caste system I 'shouldn't' have been, in that whilst having beautiful mediterranian features the likes of which it seems aren't to be found in the mediterranian she had an ambition of staying in ballarat and working her way up the checkout line ranks in the local supermarket.
And that is a rare deadend for my parents conversation wise, furthermore S didn't really eat anything except empty carbs.
So my folks and my family the one time we had her over for dinner just pulled the wrong facial expressions or cracked the wrong jokes and unwittingly we became snobs. And to some extent we are, the expectations of education and ambition are real, but it was rare, and listening to creed I had this strange reminiscence of the time that for all I've got going for me we fucked it up, and furthermore, why the fuck I was dating a girl that liked Creed?
probably something to do with sex.

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