Friday, March 14, 2008

Cool Tapes

I once contemplated seriously getting Cool Tapes and an old-school cassette tape tattooed on my back. One thing stopped me, my aversion to tattoos. And had that failed I'm sure the advent of me sprouting backhair prbably would have.
That said whilst exploring the alleyways of Genova I passed a tattoo shop whose designs were original enough for me to say 'you know you'd be actually be pretty cool with one of those'and then were also original enough for me to know I would never get one myself, being impossible to coordinate clothes with afterwards.
Other cool stuff I have discovered or read about is peg-leg designs, not so much their actual designs but the way they mass produce their own clothes in a hands on way.
And of course I've been jacking up Harvard's blog hitcount because I can't be bothered remembering the url for 'Garfield minus garfield' which I nw tune into daily like it has NBA scores.
oh and be sure to check out the second last colour tattoo design.

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