Friday, March 07, 2008

Happiness is a Bike Shop

I suddenly had a longing for my bike no doubt hanging from a hook in my parents garage, unloved, unridden and in need of a service to true up the breaks and shit by now.
Infact it better be hanging on a hook right now and not tied up with a haybale strand while my brother lifts weights.
Ah explodinator, not top of the range but in a zone of inbetweenness that makes it unlikely I will ever pull up behind someone riding anything like it.
Ah the incmprehsible flatbar. The roadbike for people whose arms get to tired and just like sitting upright, whilst having the lightness of something that would make sense to race. My explodinator.
I miss its sub 5kg package, its skittery front wheel whose carbon forks make it bounce of pebbles while commuting on a bike not made for commuting.
And the bike paths and wide lanes of Australia, the little midnight runs across princes park in the dead of night cruising back from borders lygon st to brunswick, or summer night returning from Bryce's place in Fitzroy and the park that tracks the tramline along the hill near the zoo where one can look out from behind the cluster of the state hotball center and see the illumination of the commission housing out towards the ringroad where Misaki remarked 'sugoi' as gravity does the work for you.
Admittedly that time I wasn't on explodinator, but then there's always sitting at A1 bakery with my dad on a weekday morning eating breakfast knowing that by evening we will make our seperate ways home each employing our cultivated sixth sense to avoid a nasty dooring from the dinner time parkers of Sydney Road.
Ah explodinator I miss thee.
Also I saw a labrador today for the first time since I left and was left with an unbarable desire to pet my own dog.
Guess tomorrow when I mount up on the heavy arse Rosante and ride out for Pisa I will have other things on my mind.
But as picturesque as the Tuscan hills promise to be, the weather is surprisingly fierce and nothing beats stripping down to a jersey and shorts and jumping on a lightweight bike for carefree living.
This roaming life ain-t for me I need built in robes.

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