Monday, January 09, 2006

My suit is chafing me

I had my first day back at work yesterday, it was good insofar as I realised how helpful I am even though it isn't the most stimulating job in the world. But it was hot, man it was raining and muggy outside and the airconditioning inside can be set to too hot or too cold and being outnumbered by the thin skinned people in my department I generally cop the too hot end of the stick.
None of this was helped by having to wear shirt, tie and trousers. Why can't I just wear a t-shirt and big pants instead of maintaining a professional image. Professional has always been an ideal I aspire to but always likein the movie sense, you know the cops that get out of bed in their houseboat have tequila and cornflakes and just happen to be really good at their jobs.
I love to dress up sure, look good, feel good, but not to work in.
The only reason I suffer this discomfort is custom, the necktie comes from croatia and used to be tied by a wife around her husbands neck to say he's taken. How did such a useless accessory become the norm. Conservative dress is designed and enforced to avoid offense. So I can't wear a shirt that says 'fuck' on it and lose a sale or a customer, but having been to RMIT marketing course I think companies should actively encourage people to remove anything that may give them the impression that they are professional. People used to turn up to my lectures dressed up in pinstripes and fancy shirts like they were making a pitch to some advertising executives. I maintain atire doesn't make you professional, that's playing dressups. Professional is simply doing what you are paid to do.
Man nothing jacks me off more than the glamorised misconception that being professional means getting a fake tan, spending extra money on your hair, obligatory teeth bleaching, driving some car and talking at the water cooler all day taking three hour lunchbreaks and arguing with indignation any time an exploited worker priveledge gets taken away.
In the end it's all just communication, the Democrats managed to lose 2 elections through image makers controlling their candidates communication. It destroyed Simon Creen. It's all hellbent on minimising offense. But whenever you minimise risk you minimise all deviation from the mean both positive variations and negative so you become some bland boring glass of water trying to strike up a conversation with me at a luncheon, you light up a cigarrette and you've lost my interest whereas if you'd worn that Faith No More shirt you have in your drawer at home for weekend wear we may have had something in common.
Still I don't have the balls to just turn up to work in casuals.

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