Friday, January 06, 2006

Johari promised me fortune and glorious glory

So I started a blog, part egomania, part fear that some day somebody far more important than you might listen to me and take me seriously. You know like George Bush or Hitler Mark 2 and some unqualified unpc comment starts getting associated with genocides or worse economic idiocy. The Johari window says Self awareness is like one axis of leadership and disclosure is like the other axis. I'm pretty good at self awareness, I actually know when not to trust me, I know when to think less of myself than I previously did and I sure know what my own face looks like. Disclosure though through years of delusional paranoia has been my downfall pushing me to secrecy heretofore never concieved of being required for a rather lackluster contributer to the community. So here I am 'sharing is caring' after all starting a blog so I can share my thoughts and get feedback even though it will probably just be corrections from my schoolteacher mum. Gotta not be afraid though. You can't make decisions based on fear afterall, unless of course you want a lifestyle dictated by what your afraid of kind of like the war on terror our very Australian lifestyle choice. I've said from the outset we didn't go far enough, we need to tackle more 'forces of evil in the world' (I'm not sure who I'm quoting, but I'm sure some ignorant piece of shit in some trailer has called terrorists/freedom fighters forces of evil) that could unpredictably kill us with incredibly low probability of actually doing so. Like lightning. Where's my damn war on lightning, it's lethal, unpredictable, decentralised and determined to wreak destruction on very small sections of the western world. I tell you I'm sick of living in these times of half arsed political commitments, my kids won't be safe in a world with terrorism and lightning why they could be killed in a terrorist attack or a lightning storm. I pay taxes, Australia has a 'defence force' why aren't they doing anything about lightning? Of course you know I won't let the fear conquer me. I have to go to work and pay taxes 5 days a week, if I stay cowering in my house because of lightning, that means they have won.
So I started a blog despite my fear that I will be swamped with feedback talking about how ignorant, insensitive and cowardly I am. But disclosure is key, you may as well advertise, I have no intention of ever joining a Gym (for as my brother's friend pointed out to him who passed it onto m in general conversation; what kind of society do we live in where we eat so much fuel we have buildings dedicated to burning off the excess) and as a marketer you learn about sustainable competitive advantage, having a beautiful body is something I can't sustain as my key means to attract the fairer sex. I keep fit and healthy but I'm not going to stress over a six pack (though maybe I am? some fuck has made me self conscious) for two healthy reasons, I don't want a partner that is attracted to me because I have a sexy body because what will happen when I invariably let myself go during an exam period or one of those months where you can get a cheeseburger for like 50c? I gotta have a sensual and sexy attitude and be funny and rich and shit! those I can sustain sitting on the couch watching TV thanks to exciting underwear, sensual music tastes and compound interest. The second reason is I lack the imagination required to come up with a means to whip my t-shirt up and demonstrate my sixpack to that smart, funny, ballsy girl I meat at a party (note the freudian slip). I guess you could say 'hey check out my six pack' but oh so much easier to say 'hey check out my cufflinks' those things i can buy from a store, you know what frankly I'm just not interested in girls that lack the maturity to know it's all about the feel and a bit of pudge feels nice. I'm not afraid, as soon as I can i'll post a picture of my chest. Damn you judgemental jerks.
It's all about disclosure after all, just remember no matter what size you are you can never get underwear too small, good things come in small packages even if you really should be wearing L or at the very least M (why can I never find XM?) and you spend a whole day in discomfort and are sterile before you know it it's all about disclosure.

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