Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dog Coughs Up Something

Last week my dog was sick and it may have changed our relationship, the sacred 'man's best friend' relationship.
In day three of the vomiting bouts (a dog vomit is something to behold) my dog simply figured out how to avoid the vomiting by simply avoiding eating.

Now, it could have been the dehydration and starvation factor, or it could have been a big reveal. My dog no longer greated me with that unconditional love dogs are known for.

I was attempting to get the dog to eat and being very nice and patting and all that shit, and my dog was not very interested, or very friendly.

It was almost as if, once she could no longer eat food she felt no longer obliged to pretend to like me. Me or anybody else.

It reminded me of the poignant Jane's Addiction Song Summertime Rolls: "If you want a friend feed any animal"

Anyway moral, well not moral. Conclusion to the story is that while I was out Saturday afternoon my dog hacked up the carcass of what could have been a bird, lizard or rat she scrounged up on a walk it would seem.

After that her condition greatly improved.

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