Thursday, September 27, 2007

I like Gil

If there is a blog I am a fan of it is that of Agent 0, Gilbert Arena. As a person hes as hard to pin down as he is a player. He is kind of the (young) Koutafides of Basketball, to big for small pointgaurds to outpower, too quick for large point guards to defend against. He also makes respectable assist figures whilst being one of last years top five scorers. Which is boring for you reader to hear.
But I think what I like most about Gil is that he is insane, just completely insane. His blog is an exercise in reading insanity carrying off a good impression of reasoned arguement.
I mean usually when I want bad advice about women I go straight to harvard who I worry is actually giving good advice from a malaysian perspective. But Gil is on a whole other level of advice. His latest blog post talks at length about his shoes but down the bottom has his recap of an arguement he had with his girlfriend about keeping a car clean that resulted him being kicked out of the car and having to walk to the gym, in his gym gear without a wallet with which to make use of a bus or taxi.
How does Gil get out of this one? apologising and coming to some sort of compromise? speaking loudly through actions and cleaning the car? No he went on strike and didn't answer any of her calls, didn't answer her pager and slept on a couch in the gym for a whole week.
If I ever tried shit like that I'm sure I would find myself single by the end of the week, and feel incredibly guilty about taking such a juvenile strategy for such a minor arguement and fuck life is short, why would I want to spend a whole week of it on a couch no matter how comfortable.
And I guess thats why I love Gil and his blog, the man who took a shower in uniform midmatch one time. That licks all the donuts that have been brought for the team as a hilarious prank. And when sighted by a ball boy dragging his foot like he was injured up a staircase before a match and asked if he was okay responded 'yeah, its ritual'
Check out his blog sometime.

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