Thursday, January 10, 2013


I'm always amazed at my ability to just make a decision and start losing weight.

I have always been a procrastinator, preferring stress situations to get things done, and the discipline I've needed to build up is actually acting ahead of time to work for the long term. But after a reclusive creative phase, which has been good for my art but incredibly lonely and bad for my dietary requirements.

I'm just getting back into the post holiday social shutdown and back to going and maintaing relationships and connections.

I'm trying to talk less and listen more too, and almost like a kharmic retribution system listening keeps handing me answers. Obviously a blog is not a 'listening' exercise, but here is what I'm hearing -

Procrastination can be incredibly productive if you are honest about it. If you know how much you are actually going to achieve, then instead of being at a desk not doing it, leave the desk, sit down only when you can work. You'd never sit down at a computer just to browse and look up shit for hours, you only do that when it feels like there's something you should be doing but can't.

Anybody pursuing a creative profession needs to exert a degree of rationalization to just survive the periods where there's no validation coming in - poor attendence at gigs, no money, parents don't respect you etc. which is problematic when you start getting that validation because it can send the ego into overdrive - you are now overcompensating, the energy you used to exert just to keep yourself going is now dedicated to alienating yourself from your peers and supporters if you aren't careful.

On rationalization, dilemmas between doing the 'commercial thing' and 'artistic integrity' are in practice bogus. Successful artists rarely feel compromised, they are simply making money from doing exactly what they want to do. 'integrity' is sadly often employed as a retreat rationalization for not reaching the audience.

There are differences between people's visual self-conception, for example, while I always view myself in future projections from a 3rd person viewpoint and never have a realistic view of my own physical appearance, other people actually project into the future in the natural first person perspective, which I find amazing.

You can claim costs of flights back from insurance if your reason for going somewhere got cancelled.

When collaborating you need to match ambitions, otherwise modest success is the death of you. A relationship between two collaborators is hard, the difficulty multiplies with the number of people you involve.

It's been informative. It's been real.

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