Saturday, January 19, 2013


I've been in correspondence with an artist for about 6 months now and as of last night, finally met the man. It had been a long time coming and then suddenly it was there.

But back it up, easy back it up.

When looking for my first exhibition space, I found it, through facebook's now defunct 'friends' events' by inviting myself along to an exhibition. Later a friend of mine recommended I go check out the same space because they'd seen an exhibit in it that they thought I would like.

Acting on the recommend I discovered this artist. I took a business card and looked up their rss feed, added it to my google reader.

Eventually in the RSS feed the next exhibit showed up and I went along to the opening. I couldn't identify the artist in the room, as I was too late for any speaches and nobody seemed to be clearly the artist in the room.

I grabbed another business card, and then... then at a party somebody told me to contact an artist and ask for their feedback/advice and told me I'd never know if I didn't try.

So I did. Months and months later, just before my black exhibition. I emailed the artist and asked him to come to my show. He couldn't because he was going overseas for vacation.

I asked him a bunch of shop questions, he was kind enough to answer. Then later I commissioned him.

The commission is almost due, and I had already asked to go watch him paint it, as I'm trying to figure out colour myself.

But before that came the gig invite. So I went down as I do with all gig invites. It was only a dilemma in terms of having already pencilled in a gig southside that night. But I was able to do both thanks to friendly set times.

So I finally met him.

But fuck. That is weird, I am just some guy that on a friends suggestion went and checked out an exhibition, ended up following the artists career, commissioning a piece of work, and then meeting and exchanging numbers. Which it just occured to me, I looked up at the business card and it has his mobile on it... anyway.

The point is, one day something that weird will happen to me. I will correspond with 'younger' artists and shit, and then we'll meet, and the only thing that will bring us into contact is art. My art.

I look forward to it.

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