Sunday, December 23, 2012


I know I'm extremely bored, or have taken procrastination too far when I actually read any form of news - I stopped reading news long before I stopped reading books. Books because I honestly never find the time, news because it is unneccessary to hear.

And I have found it fundamentally true that any news that actually concerns you will find you, you never have to go looking for it.

And so it was with these two articles:

 Neighbour discord threatens venues

Noise offends Bourke St resident

One featuring the highly sympathetic and all around great guy - Joel Morrisson (whom hosted my first ever solo exhibition) and the other the highly unsympathetic nobody from nowhere.   Now these articles 'concern' me as a patron of the arts and now virtually dependent on Melbourne's live music scene. I have scene many an 11pm finishing gig where the headline act winds up with 20 minutes to perform and the music keeps cutting out because it exceeds whatever decibells.   Today I don't have any arguments or even any rationalisations. I speak from pure emotion.   If somebody calls up the police and says 'I'd like to complain about the noise.' 'where are you?' 'I'm in my apartment I just moved into high street/brunswick st/smith st/sydney rd/ackland st/fitzroy st/the cbd opposite this music venue and the music is really loud and it's running till 2am!' 'caveat emptor motherfucker.'   End of conversation. Western democracy is known if for nothing else than for bending over backwards to protect the livelihood of people in obsolete and unprofitable industries, so to me no argument is necessary to defend the rights of live music venues over newly minted residents, since live music makes money.   I can't envision how these 'culture clusters' could be win-win, to me it is only important that culture wins, people who walk down Brunswick St on a Sunday afternoon and say 'I just love it here! so bohemian!' and then buy up a converted warehouse apartment only to discover that the bohemian proximity brings with it a vibrant music scene that is also loud or maybe just persistent has simply not done their research.   Fuck off. You wanna crazy up your life go to a sex shop, don't buy an anthropological viewing platform and then get offended when the people you came to observe refuse to stop being the people you came to observe.

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