Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I'm grateful to have the courage of my convictions. I'm trying to break through into a profession where that helps a lot. Creativity is ultimately - the act of creation, and I see a lot of people around me struggling to determine what they should do, could do, how to be true to themselves, thus discover themselves, relate themselves to the world around them, figure out how to express that etc.

It's a worthwhile pursuit, and I found that from my own experience reaching the point of conviction was true to the old Ford Engineers adage 'the solution, once found, will be simple.' I enjoyed drawing. That was my huge reveal some 4 years ago now.

I'm also grateful to have so much support, and that's hard, I'm literally so grateful that when I BEGIN to comprehend it I'm moved to tears. It makes it hard to express gratitude when it makes you so emotional.

And I got space, what an unparallalled luxury, I have walls to pin my plans upon, two desks to draw at, lightbox, scanner, compootah etc. I am set up, I don't have to even sleep where I work.

And for all the attention lavished on me, I can see a psychologist for free, and have an attentive non-judgemental adult listen to me. I can actually do something to take control at the times when I feel least of it.

I have a lot of grattitude.

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