Saturday, December 15, 2012


An old housemate worked in a videostore and was approached by a customer whom somewhat unconventionally asked him 'what's your philosophy of life?' which is one of those questions you ask somebody to simply go through the mechanics that get you to 'what's yours?' so they can infact outlay their philosophy of life, which is why if you want to be a cunt, you should always have a lengthy dissertation ready for such questions in the hope that they will lose interest and walk away.

My sentences have been criticised recently.

Anyway, I can't recall if my former housemate actually asked him or whether he just said 'mine's "ain't nothin' to it but to do it."'

Anyway, that's the story.

wiw-wiw-wiw my friendly friend Bryce wrote about once, Bryce gets annoyed if I refer to him not by name but I forget the reason. Anyway wiw-wiw-wiw is shorthand for 'what-I-want-when-I-want-where-I-want' and describes our new consumption habits.

On the subway in New York, the people of the subway, the subway dwellers, if you will... if you would?... what am I trying to say?

IF YOU WERE SO INCLINED to ask one of 'the locals' one of the 'native-new-yorkers' what was the most interesting thing about the new york subway, what would they tell you?

They would tell you fucken lies.

But if you just observe, and it's fascinating to observe, New York is a fascinating place filled with all kinds of fascinating people. And nowdays all those fascinating people are fascinated by the internet.

The internet and aps, casual games. streaming movies. facebook.

At some point we have reached a point, this point where if we don't want to be productive, ever, and to just consume. We can. We can. Any fucking time of day.

And it makes being productive, just fucken dooin' it, so to speak. Quite hard.

And if you have boldly decided to identify as a 'creative' you kind of eventually need to be creating stuff, and continue to do so, to hold onto that mantle.

But the thing is that you can fucking rationalise away your overconsumption of entertainment, art, whatever.

You are just like 'I'm getting inspiration' or like 'i'm researching.' and even 'it's my education'.

And you know, you probably should be feeding yourself some education, learning by observing the best, and getting inspired. But you know, of all the slippery slopes, I find these activities the slipperiest(?)

Whatever, remember where if you wanted to see a movie, you had to go to a video store? A video store populated by philosophers.

And those philosophers, they were right. At the end of the day, so many of the artists and creators you admire, you admire because they didn't meticulously research or keep their thumb on the pulse or whatever, they just fucking did whatever was required to output the fucking work.

So guy in video store was right.

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